"silent treatment"

3 times Loki wouldn’t answer Frigga and 1 time Frigga couldn’t answer him.


alright! so before we go any further! yush! i do indeed know that in canon, Frigga had a ship burial and her body seemed to have evanesced into the high heavens. But when i was drawing this photo set i wanted Loki to have a physical memorial onto which he can adequately mourn over the death of his mother. In my mind this “grave” was something Loki built himself.

ok. so i’ve received a few comments on how the tombstone i drew for frigga, which was modeled after a celtic cross, was offensive to the fact that she is a Norse Goddess and i can understand that (i’m usually more sensitive to these things, i guess i was rather drained, physically and emotionally, by the time i got to the last panel and i just wanted to wrap it up as soon as possible) so i’ve changed the last panel so that Frigga’s tombstone isn’t quit so “christian” looking.

However i still decided to keep the solar cross because not only is it a Norse/viking symbol and one of it’s myriad of aliases is “Odin’s Cross”, it also happens to be the symbol for Earth. i felt this is especially fitting (or ironic) since Loki tried to enslave the human race and take over Earth during the Avengers.

this got me to thinking… if you took this one step further and made an analogy between Frigga and Earth and how Loki went from only ever wanting acceptance, not even recognition, from those around him to a man who is so burdened by delusions of grandeur that he is willing to bring harm to anyone around him, not distinguishing that a foe might be a friend… it throws an especially tragic light on the situation…

Loki never needed Earth, our Earth. He wanted Earth to rule over in order to validate his existence, but what he needed, from the core of his soul, was for someone to accept him, to accept every part of him, be it his juton blood or his fraying sanity.

if Loki could only have just distanced himself a little and looked, truly looked, at everything around him, he could have realized he already had what he needed, someone who always accepted him for who he is! someone who knew from the beginning he was of juton descent but still embraced him as one of her own - Frigga.

unfortunately Loki never reaches this kind of clarity and ultimately his actions cost him one of the only two people who have really truly thought of him as kin.

coming back to this photo set… a small part of me, the part of me that thrives on poetic justice, hopes that in performing this burial Loki might perhaps finally “put to rest” all these self-assigned burdens and ambitions and finally, finally, find some peace for himself.

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If you watch this show carefully, there is a subtext about John drinking. - Steven Moffat

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I know I’m not the only one who does this but you know when you have this like boundary around you when you’re sitting at a table or a desk that only you are allowed to be in 


And then someone or something that isn’t yours


gets in that space


and you just







Holy fuck finally someone who understands


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Benedict Cumberbatch was shoot at Holystone studios this month for his work on an upcoming documentary about soccer and the world cup. We used only the available light. [x]


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